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Учитель английского через Скайп - Мария

Мария - учитель английского через Скайп
Дисциплины: Английский
Образование: Московский Государственный Открытый Университет, факультет лингвистики и межкультурной коммуникации, лингвист-переводчик

My name is Maria. I am 27 years old. I graduated from Moscow Open State University in June 2010.

In March of the same year I found a job at a school as a teacher of English. I was offered to work with little children from 8 to 11 years old. It was rather convenient for me. Also I was a homeroom teacher. I have worked there for three years and a half and quit in August 2013.

In the same month I was asked to work at another school. I quit a year later.

repet-eng-mariaI have been working as a private tutor since 2007.  

Mostly I work with children and teenagers. They are from 8 to 18 years old. I am interested in teaching adults as well.

In 2012 I attended courses to improve my skills. I finished Business English Advanced Course. I needed practice and some new knowledge. So I didn’t take my certificate. At that moment it was not necessary for me.

I combine communicative teaching method with classical one. I explain grammar rules and then we use them in exercises and speaking. Certainly I pay much attention to listening skills. Also my students write letters and dialogs as their homework. I always ask them to learn new words. During the lesson I ask them to form sentences using those words and new grammar.

I am doing everything to make people feel comfortable during our time together. I do not make them do what they don’t want to. I believe that different people process information differently. So I try to be flexible. I reckon homework is essential. But there are people who really don’t have enough time to do it at home. In that case I do not force them. But I try to explain that doing what I say is necessary even when they find it useless or hard. And I always say that a tutor is not a fairy. A teacher can lead a person. And a person in turn should do all his best to process new information and try to use it in everyday life.

At work I use various teach ware: Headway, Solutions, Face2Face, Spotlight, Starlight, Hotline. My choice depends on student’s goals. If the aim is spoken language, I choose, for instance, Face2Face. In Headway there are good texts. Spotlight is appropriate for schoolchildren because of grammar and great vocabulary. I also use Internet resources to find some additional information.

My personal qualities help me to get on well with any person I meet. I am positive, easy-going and responsible. I am always prepared to my lessons. I consider that self-improvement is obligatory for a teacher especially for a teacher of a foreign language. One of my hobbies is studying English. That is a lifelong process. I watch series, use mobile apps to learn new words, surf the net to find out some grammatical questions. 

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